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We offer a range of SELF-GUIDED tours that can be customized to your group's interests and abilities. 
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Ranch loop


For those of you who have an interest in learning more about the life of our late President Lyndon Baines Johnson and his wife Ladybird, the LBJ Ranch loop is perfect for you. Make sure to grab a detailed map of the Ranch before you start your ride. The beginning of your journey starts as you exit RR1 Bike Rentals and Tours and head South on Klein Road. The property on either side of Klein Road was once owned by the Johnsons and some of their descendants still privately own parcels on the right-hand side. When Klein Road opens up to Pedernales River, you can tour the Junction Schoolhouse on your right. The building is where President Johnson started his studies as a young boy. You will also see the white wooden fence that frames the entrance to the LBJ Ranch. While on the ranch property you will come across President Johnson's family cemetery, reconstructed childhood home, as well as the home of his grandparents. Riding along LBJ's private airstrip offers amazing views of the property President Johnson and Lady Bird loved dearly. The show barn is located at the pinnacle of the runway and still functions as a hub for ranching operations. There is a great opportunity to tour an aircraft used during President Johnson's presidency next to the main house of the property commonly called the "Texas White House." If you haven't had enough, you can cross the bridge over the Pedernales River and head West on Ranch Road 1 towards the LBJ State Park and Sauer-Beckmann Historical Site. On your return trip make sure to stop by Ab Astris for a Hill Country Winery experience.

ranch loop
Stonewall Loop


The Stonewall Loop is intended for riders who wish to experience all that Texas Hill Country has to offer.  After heading South on Klein Road and crossing the bridge over the Pedernales River you turn West (right) onto Ranch Road 1. You will first come across the Trinity Lutheran Church, which was also the site for the first Head Start program in the country and created by President Johnson. Behind the church there are picnic tables and restrooms. If you continue past the Lutheran Church you will pass the Bison Field on your left as well as a statue of President Johnson. You will then see the entrance to the LBJ State Park. The park has an informative Visitor Center and many walking paths where you can explore dogtrot cabins and the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm.  There are also picnic tables located past the historic farm. If you exit the park and head West towards Stonewall, you will pass the Pedernales Dam and the Texas Longhorn herd that can also be seen while touring the park grounds. On the far Western border of the State Park you will find an entrance on RR1 to the LBJ Public Pool and Tennis Courts. During the summer months a nice dip in the pool is a great way to get a reprieve from the Texas sun. On your ride to Stonewall you will come across different rest areas where picnic tables offer wonderful views of the Pedernales River and are perfect for lunch or a snack. As you come closer to the town of Stonewall you will see a large red barn which is the home of Burg's Corner. You can purchase delicious peaches, fresh produce, and other locally sourced goods. They also sell fresh peach ice cream, which is always a delightful treat on hot summer days. In Stonewall you can enjoy a wine tasting at Cicada Cellars by turning South on Ranch to Market Road 1623. Cicada Cellars is located on the corner of RMR 1623 and Hwy 290 in the old Stonewall Volunteer Firehouse. If you would rather skip the Texas Wine experience, continue West on RR1 and turn South onto Keystone Street. This will take you to Weinheimer and Son General Mechandise. Inside you can find everything from ice cream, fresh produce, and cold drinks to cast iron pans, livestock supplies, and cowboy boots. If you ride around Stonewall you will pass the Elementary School, Chamber of Commerce, and Rodeo Grounds. To head back to Ranch Road One Bike Rentals and Tours, head North until you hit Ranch Road 1. Then head East until you pass the Lutheran Church and reach the bridge back to Klein Road. You can always decide to end your day with a nice wine at Ab Astris located on Klein Road.

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hye loop


This self-guided tour is curated for riders who have a desire to experience the region's delightful wine while admiring the beauty of the Hill Country. You start this adventure by heading South on Klein Road. If you are ready to start your wine experience right away, then make sure to pull over and check out Ab Astris Winery. Enjoy a tasting or tour while soaking in the beauty of their property. If you find yourself enjoying the ride and not wanting to stop right away, then have no fear! You can always stop by Ab Astris on your return. When you continue down Klein Road you come upon the Junction Schoolhouse, where LBJ attended as a young boy, and the entrance to the LBJ Ranch. You pedal across the bridge and head East (left) on to Ranch Road 1 towards Hye. Along RR1 you will come across many different types of wildlife, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled! During the springtime, Texas wildflowers can be seen on both sides of the road. Ranch Road 1 comes to an end when you meet Hwy 290. Turn left (East) onto Hwy 290 and the town of Hye is within your sights! There is a slight incline along 290. To the left you will see Williams Chris Winery. They have delightful wine tastings, an informative tour, and live music on the weekends! Once you decide you are ready to continue your journey, you can find delicious food at Hye Market located in the town's historic Post Office. Their food is very popular amongst tourists and locals. The outdoor seating can accommodate both large and small parties. If you are not hungry and would like to continue your wine exploration, then head East on Hwy 290 towards Hye Meadow. Most of the wineries do offer food for purchase, if you find yourself hungry during a tasting. Hye Meadow also has live music on Saturdays. Just east of Hye Meadow is Horn Winery where you can enjoy both a wine or spirit tasting. Once your time in Hye has come to an end, turn around and head West to Ranch Road 1, which will lead you back to the bridge and Klein Road. If you did not stop by Ab Astris at the beginning of your ride, visiting them is always a great way to end your day!



Reservations are recommended at all wineries.​

Food is available for purchase at almost all of the wineries.

(Food may need to be pre-ordered, so please check websites.)


Open Monday to Saturday 8 AM - 6 PM


Reservations are Required

The ride is primarily on dirt roads.



Covered Picnic Tables




Picnic Tables


Covered Picnic Tables


Covered Picnic Tables




This self-guided tour is our longest route and for riders who wish to experience the low rolling hills of the region. After heading South on Klein Road, you cross the bridge and turn West (right) on to RR1. You then turn South (left) onto Lower Albert Road. If you have passed the Lutheran Church, you have ridden too far. You continue on Lower Albert Road by crossing Hwy 290. There is a picnic area at this intersection with restrooms and a playground. Once you are South of Hwy 290, you continue your journey along the hills until Lower Albert Road dead ends into Ranch to Market Road 1623. Once you turn left (South) on to 1623, you are almost ready for your first stop! Albert Icehouse and Dancehall is only a short distance from the Lower Albert Road and RMR 1623 intersection. There is live music most weekend afternoons as well as food offerings from Cowboy Cantina Food Truck. If you are in the mood for a wine tasting experience, then continue South on 1623 until you reach Narrow Path Winery. The largest hill you will encounter is between Albert Ice House and Narrow Path Winery.  The ride is well worth it once you experience the expansive views of the Texas Hill Country while tasting their wine. On your return ride to Ranch Road One you always have the opportunity for one more Hill Country Winery experience at Ab Astris on Klein Road.

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Albert Loop
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